Zaza pay c湿地公园什么项目赚钱ut for Valencia

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According to, a deal has been worked out with Cesare Prandelli’s Valencia.

This time Zaza is prepared to take a 30 per cent pay cut on his €3.5m per year wages.

Juve are due to pocket €20m when the forward makes his 12th appearance in a Valencia shirt.

Simone Zaza is reportedly p澳门外围投注repared to take a 30 per cent pay cut to join Valencia for €20m after his failed loan spell at West Ham.

真人外围投注 This is because he had a clause that would make the transfer permanent 线上足球投注for €20m, set to activate after a certain number of appearances.

The striker is being handed back to Juventus just six months into the season-long €5m loan in London.